Water Purification

Water treatment related business

Aeration System

“Aerator R-1”
Considerable reduction of electric expenses
High and stable oxygen absorption ratio
Maintenance free
The regular cleaning is unnecessary
Totally hassle free
There is no chance of blockage
The sludge doesn’t pile up in the tank bottom
The introduction construction is easy
Many achievements in Japan and overseas
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Sludge Dewatering Press

“New Types Screw Press NKS Series”
High Performance Screw Press.
New improvements to the core components achieve higher dewatering performance than conventional models.
Compact Design and Easy Installation.
After installation, only piping and connecting power supply are needed.
Energy Saving, Low Noise and Low Vibration.
Maintenance Free.
Enables unattended operation 24 hours a day.
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Super Flocculation Powder

Industrial waste water
Murky water used for engineering works
Water with high contents of heavy metals such as arsenic and lead
Greasy water
Waste water from pig farming, stock farming
The Advantages of using Flocculation Powder
High Flocculation: remove SS, BOD, heavy metals and chemicals
Wide Range of water quality: able to treat neutral, acidic, or alkaline water
Short treatment time: 3-5 minutes with stirring
Easy Handling: The flocculant components are neutral
Safety: treated water does not affect natural environment
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Drinking Water Products

Product Lineup

Faucet Water Purifier

Back washing Solves All the Problems !!
1.Advantages of Backwashing the Filter.
 -Prevent clogging by washing away the dust and maintain the water flow.
 -Sanitize the inside of the filter by using the captured residual chlorine of the tap water.
 -Wash away the captured heavy metals so that the filtration is kept contamination free.
2.High water purification performance.
 -1.6L/min purified water flow.
 -Removes 20 hazardous materials*
 -Purify up to 1,800L of tap water.
*Based on Japanese Standard JIS S 3201 and JWPAS B test.
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Water Pitcher

“Aquatriton PII”
High Performance with Compact and Simple Design !!
1.Inside-Out water flow enables fast purification.
2.Filtered water will not be mixed up with the raw water when poured.
3.Compact and simple design, easy and convenient to store in the refrigerator.
4.Backwashing the cartridge prevents the bacterial growth.
5.High water purification performance.
 -0.2L/min purified water flow.
 -Removes 20 hazardous materials*.
 -Purifies up to 400L of tap water.
*Based on Japanese Standard JIS S 3201 and JWPAS B test.
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Bottle Water Purifier

“Aquatriton B He”
Easy Hydration Now!! In the office, school, outside sports, etc.
1.Use as Portable Bottle Water Purifier
 -Safe & healthy water, any place, any time.
 -Wherever there is a tap, the purified water can be made.
 -Purifies up to 180L.
2.Tasty and Healthy water
 -Includes a Healthy Mineral Stick:
Ceramics of Calcium, Magnesium, Kalium and Natrium seep into the water.
 -Removes 19 hazardous materials.*
*Based on Japanese Standard JIS S 3201 and JWPAS B test.
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Countertop Water Purifier

“Aquatriton C”
Eliminates Clogging by Alternate Filter Backwashing
1.High-performance hollow fiber membrane and activated carbon.
2.Purifies up to 12,000L.
3.The filters are kept clean by the filter Backwashing system.
4.Removes 13 hazardous materials includes bacteria.*
*Based on Japanese Standard JIS S 3201 and JWPAS B test.

Hair Protector Shower Head

“Mamorigami II Ca”
All in One Shower Head !! – Conserving, Purifying, and Activating Water
1.Adopting specially designed nozzle enables effective water conservation.
 -Save 40% of water consumption.
 -Save 40% of electricity cost.
2.Specially designed nozzle and stainless shower plate create comfortable and gentle water flow.
3.Has space to add minerals inside for the customizing version.
4.High Water Pressure with same amount of water.
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Bicycle Water Purifier

“Mobile Oasis”
Easy Pedaling Water Purification Bicycle !!
1.Produces safe drinking water by easy pedaling.
2.Pumps up water with filtration strainer.
3.Produces abundant domestic water.
4.Generates power to charge mobile phones or tablet PCs during a disaster or an emergency.
5.Globally Patented in Japan, US, China and Taiwan.
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