September 1993
ROGRESS BOEKI PVT. CO., LTD. founded in Kyoto headquarter and Overseas Export Division branch office in Osaka with Paid Up capital of Japanese Yen 3 Million. Start of exporting & importing field of Textile and Industrial Machineries, and Parts & Accessories
June 1994
Concluded an exclusive agent agreement for India market with Kanai Juyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. Consecutive agreements were signed with Ring Traveller for ring cups and Card Clothing for textile spinning Industries.
March/April 1995
Appointment of local agents in India and Bangladesh.
February 1999
Started procuring second hand textile machineries and entire manufacturing units from local companies and re-sell to the overseas clients.
March 2000
Merged 3 local agents in India to form Rogress Boeki’s India operations arm Rogress Techno Pvt., Ltd. that was incorporated under the laws of India with offices in New Delhi and Coimbatore.
January 2001
Started to procure Japanese owned second hand textile plants that were installed offshore and re-sell to the overseas clients. Provide support to overseas client businesses by helping them to expand their operations into Asian, European and North American markets.
March 2005
Opened a Liaison office in Dhaka, Bangladesh for services and consultancy jobs.
September 2006
Changed Corporate name to ROGRESS BOEKI CO.,LTD and its increased paid-up Capital to J-yen 10,000,000.
September 2007
Increased the Paid up Capital to Japanese Yen 20 Million and established Rogress Technology Services for expansion of IT businesses and Human Resource services for skilled IT workers. A second sales office was opened in Kyoto.
March 2008
Was the winner for the “Oscar Award Certification” that was awarded by the Kyoto city Government to appreciate Rogress Boeki’s continuous efforts in “Bridging IT businesses”. A support centre was opened in Osaka for IT related business. An agreement was signed with Nihon Technology Pvt. Ltd., India for outsourcing and off shoring for our Japanese clients.
September 2011
Entry into renewable energy sector by starting new ventures in Solar Energy System & Industrial waste effluent water treatment equipments & its biological process. Started providing consultancy services in the same.
September 2012
Signed a distribution agreement with DS Technology Co., Ltd. (UHC Solar group) of Taiwan for import of solar modules graded for the Japanese market. Another distribution agreement was signed with Hengs Technology Co., Ltd. of Taiwan for PV mounting frame and accessories. The products have already been introduced to the local market.
January 2013
Attained position as Japan`s domestic dealer of industrial and home use solar modules, and also mega solar PPA projects as collaboration partner of EPC provider in Japan.
January 2014
Has entered into a deal with MFK Co., Ltd. for large scale supply of solar PV modules, PV mounting frames and cables that will be installed at their 8Megawatt solar energy power plant at Koka-shi, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Rogress Boeki has received orders that add up to 45% of the total commissioned amount for this project. The solar farm of MFK-Koka has completed installation by middle of August, 2014. It is the biggest mega solar farm in Kansai area right now.
March 2014
Concluded agreement with Laplace Systems of Japan for exclusive distribution rights for marketing of PV Simulation and Monitoring Systems for Solar Power installations in India.
July 2014
Has entered into an expansion deal with MFK Co.,Ltd. Osaka for a total of 12 MW solar farm at 3 different locations namely, Ujitawara-Kyoto Prefecture, Ise Futami Bunka Mura – Ise Prefecture & Kyotamba-Kyoto prefecture for supply of Solar PV Modules, PV Mounting Rack and Cables.
January 2015
Entered into a deal with E-Solar for MFK’s 5.8MW, Kyotamba Solar Farm.
March 2015
Introduced Solar Pro 4.3 version PV simulation software and Solar Link Series PV monitoring system in India.
May 2015
Entered into deal with Shuwa Co., Ltd. for import of their Ayanokoji brand leather material for classic ladies bags.
April 2016
Established first for the company, a 300kw Self owned Solar Power Plant under J.V. with Daisho Denki co.,Ltd. by the Name of Solar Firm “PV-3” in Miyabayashi, Shiga.
May 2016
Entered into a Selling Agent agreement for Solar PV Modules manufactured by Sova Solar Pvt Ltd., Kolkata, India and extend support through its sales channels in Japan and India.
October 2017
Established joint venture by the name of JIT PV ENGINEERING PVT LTD in India for Solar Renewable Energy Business.
January 2018
Established joint venture by the name of NIHON ACCESS INDIA PVT LTD in India for Information Technology (IT).
March 2018
Started 2nd, 80kw Self owned Solar Power Plant by the Name of Solar Firm “PV-3” in Ishibaji, Shiga.

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